Steel Beams Installed

Today’s visit shows bright and shiny, strong and load-bearing steel beams incorporated into the foundation.  Too wet and muddy to get close-ups.

Trenches dug down the street for wires and cables.  Foundation waterproofed and back-filled.

Next step is to pour the basement floors.

Toll Brothers Foundation with steel beams installed
Steel beams incorporated into the foundation

The House “kit”

Bundles of factory-assembled building blocks are delivered and rest in large bundles across the street from our budding home.  Each pile of pieces is labeled with “1 of n” and our lot number.  Many more kits are no doubt on their way.

Our 2017 warm February has brought a suddenly bitter cold and snow-filled March.  The weather folks are calling for 8″, 10″ even 20″ of snow this coming week.  Surely this may slow the great progress we have been recently seeing.

Toll Brothers New Construction factory-made building blocks
Another pile of Toll Brothers factory assembled building blocks
Toll Brothers New Construction factory-made building blocks
Our new home sitting in a pile of pre-made Lego-like pieces