Finishing Up

There is an old saying.  As a matter of fact, there are many old sayings.  One of them has to do with the last 10% of effort is equal to the first 90% of it.  That seems to apply with finishing up home construction.  There is an endless list, it seems, of things to do that are small when compared to the really big things like pouring a foundation or putting on a roof.

This is the phase our home seems to have reached.  Still, we’re excited by every little thing that gets completed.


Finally, the front of the house is approaching completion.  No lock on the front door and no front walkway but getting there.

June 3, 2017 Front View
Front View of our Home

Family Room and Kitchen

This photo taken from the dining room, shows the family room, the kitchen, and the eat-in kitchen area.  Love, love, love the open floor plan.

The Family Room vaulted ceiling shown below.  The arched doorway leads to the master bedroom.

Saving what I think will be difficult finish work if done correctly is the drywall and spackling surrounding the fireplace.  We have chosen not to do any stonework or mantle.  If it turns out we’re not happy with this decision, it can always be added later.


Anxious to have the granite and quartz countertops installed, but this is what the plastic coated kitchen is at the moment.


Viewed from below, the loft is open to the family room.

And is open to the front door entryway.

Master bath

Just itching for tile work.  

Guest Bedroom

The Guest Bedroom faces the front of the house.

And a photo of the guest bath.