Interior Work

Plenty of interior Work to tackle but each visit shows exciting progress.


The Railings have been installed.  One of the custom upgrades we chose had the half-wall surround the stairs (on the left in the photo below) replaced with railing.  This provides more openness.

Loft 06.09.17
Loft has the railings installed


No upgrades in the basement, just what seems to be bowling alley sized space.  The basement appears to be large because it is.  This home is essentially single floor living that happens to have a second-floor loft.  The home’s footprint is large.  It’s fairly narrow but the home itself is long.  Therefore, the basement is quite large.

Unfinished Basement
Unfinished Basement

Laundry Room

Woo Hoo – a laundry room.  No upgrades.  Standard white tile.

Laundry Room 06.09.17
Laundry Room with Tile Installed


Still plastic covered cabinets, but now a cardboard covered floor.  The cardboard is protecting our scraped hickory hardwood floors.  Having wood floors in the kitchen is a first for us and it’ll be interesting keeping them in good shape (and clean).

Kitchen 06.09.17
Kitchen with hardwood floors installed (and covered with cardboard)

Family Room

Loft upstairs with rails, stairs with the handrail on the left.

View of loft and dining room underneath

Guest Bath

Tile work in progress in the guest bath.

Guest Bath 06.09.17
Guest Bath tile work in progress


Empty space with a cardboard floor.  Can’t wait to see the hardwood underneath.

Office 06.09.17
Office with hardwood floor (underneath cardboard)