Toll Brothers offers two inspections; one the day of settlement and one the week before.  Today was the first inspection.  We met with the post-drywall construction manager.  We went through each room, were explained about the mechanics of the house while looking for flaws and mismatched expectations.  Each flaw was tagged with a strip of blue painters tape and/or a note on the inspection report.

I would guess we may have left 100 pieces of tape throughout the house, primarily little dings in the drywall or trim work.  Our garage door had a dent, a brick was loose (and came out) from the front entryway post, some aluminum trim along the roof line was bent, and so on.  The biggest problems we found were:

  • incorrect ovens installed (we had chosen double ovens but a microwave/convection pair was installed)
  • the drywall in the kitchen ceiling was wavy at the seams.
  • the garbage disposal switch was installed in the place of a soap dispenser
  • cabinet door handles were installed in the cabinets under the front of the island though we hadn’t wanted them
  • the lazy Susan didn’t spin well

We learned about the sprinkler system and it’s pressure, the sump pump and battery backup, the radon test to be performed, the fire bell, the latches on some of the interior doors, the light switches, the dual zone HVAC system, the auxiliary air intake, the hose bibs, the water shut off, the gas shut off, the ice maker water line and on and on.

Overall, we were pleased seeing the house had progressed from our most recent visit.  Finally, we were able to see the hardwood floors, the carpeted upstairs and the beautiful stairs leading to the loft.  And, seeing the granite and quartz uncovered.  And the fireplace.  And the completed master bath shower.  And …


Inspection day happened to be landscaping day.  We start the inspection without any plantings and sod.

07.11.17 Front House
Inspection Day front of house

We finished the inspection and the plantings and sod work was nearing completion.

07.11.17 House Front
House with landscaping in progress
07.11.17 House
Front of house inspection day

Master Bedroom

We started the tour (inspection) in the master bedroom.  Here, we learned the process using the blue painters tape.  A piece of it is near the trim under the window on the left in the picture below.

07.11.17 Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom

Tape on the wall, X marks the spot on the floor.

07.11.17 Master Bedroom
Master bedroom

Here a tape, there a tape, everywhere a tape …

07.11.17 Master Bathroom
Master Bathroom

We love the shower.  Can’t wait to use it.  Big tape arrow in the upper right corner.  Unfortunately, there is a lot of little cleanup work to do.  It would have been easier if Toll had already addressed obvious issues.

07.11.17 Master bath shower
Master bath Shower


07.11.17 Office

Front Guest Room

07.11.17 Front Guest Room
Front Guest Room

Dining Room

07.11.17 Dining Room and Loft
View of Dining Room and Loft
07.11.17 Dining Room
Dining Room

Family Room

Not sure how I didn’t manage to take more pictures but at least I have the fireplace.  We couldn’t see it in action since the air hadn’t been taken out of the gas line yet.

07.11.17 Fireplace
Family Room Fireplace


The most important room had the most blue tape.  Very happy to see the uncovered granite island and quartz counters, plus the backsplash.  Disappointed to see the wrong ovens but that’ll be easy to correct (I hope).


07.11.17 Kitchen
07.11.17 Kitchen

Back Porch

The railing and post were installed.  The stairs leading down haven’t made it in yet.

07.11.17 Porch
Porch from the kitchen