Final Inspection

The final inspection is scheduled for an hour and a half earlier than settlement.  Final inspection is a fairly brief walk through with the construction manager walking through the house demonstrating the tweaks from the 1st inspection have beenwere addressed.  Sure enough, the biggies for us, the missing double ovens and the misplaced garbage disposal air switch were corrected.  Apparently heroic efforts were necessary to swap and the ovens in a week’s time.  A second construction manager was painting upstairs missed areas.

Flowers arrived from the construction team.  The project manager stopped by.

As we went through the house, some very minor clean-up items were noted.  These will be addressed before we returned from the settlement.  A smudge here, spackling on the upper kitchen cabinets, etc.

Sprinklers were running to keep our fresh sod moist.

Off to settlement.


The definition of settlement or closing can be found here.  It’s such an interesting and informal process on the surface, yet big dollars and yet significant transactions occur in the background.  Ours was uneventful except we brought a bank check for a little too much money.  No big deal because it was an overage rather than an underage.  In less than 30 minutes, our lives were changed and we were now the “owners” of our new home.

Long journey.

First Pictures

Seriously, these are hardly the first pictures – just check the huge bundle of pictures included in all of the other posts.  But, these are the first pictures of our house.

Foyer glimpse upstairs, office door to the right, master bedrom straight back
07.18.17 Foyer
Family Room view from the Dining Room
07.18.17 Family Room with fireplace
Family Room Vaulted ceiling
07.18.17 Family Room Vaulted ceiling – primary reason I wanted the Toll Brothers Merrick model
07.18.17 Kitchen
Kitchen view
07.18.17 Kitchen and view out the back – the Berm – love the Berm
Dining Room
07.18.17 Dining Room – looks so barren
Loft View
07.18.17 View from the loft