Pre-Construction Meeting!

Today we had our Pre-Construction Meeting to learn about the Toll Brothers process and to meet the Project Manager and Construction Manager.  This is a formal meeting with an agenda, one that each new home buyer will have to get things underway.

Main takeaways included an understanding of the type and frequency of communications we’ll have during construction, (guesses) for timelines, and setting expectations.  We reviewed our home and options, walked through the plot plan to fully understand the handedness of the home (ours is left, garage/driveway on the left), were shown the location of the basement egress window, easements, and grading.

Reviewing the Design Center selections at a high level was useful for confirmation, but we did end up making minor, minor changes.  These folks build lots of homes and in particular, they’ve built our future neighbors’ homes and provided some comments for lighting changes and even the removal of an (expensive) floor outlet on the second floor that would have been redundant.  We actually saved a little money – go figure.  Per their suggestion, we also moved the cable TV outlet in the bedroom to offer a little more flexibility.

They threw out a projection for completion:  July.  Then quickly tempered it with, maybe June.  Er, um, early August.  At least it’s been pinned down to a month with a “U” in it.  🙂

The next official milestone is the Pre-Drywall Meeting, which they tentatively offered as being in April.  This future meeting and walk-through provides us with the opportunity to confirm everything that we’ve asked for will be behind the walls.  And, it’s so much harder to move a lighting fixture after completing drywall installation versus moving it beforehand.

And now we know

In ink now:  No Changes Permitted.

We gained a lot of comfort from this Pre-Construction Meeting.  These two managers knew what they were doing, as they should.  They were both friendly and were not rushing us.  I sincerely appreciated taking their suggestions for the floor outlet and lighting changes.  They even threw in some comments about what could be done afterward; attic access, the ceiling fan runs each have two sets of wires for (optional) separate switches.

Additionally, we learned about the communication that will be occurring through construction.  They are striving for what I used to professionally refer to as “no surprises”, meaning that they won’t be surprised and we won’t be surprised.  They’ll be biweekly calls every other Monday with the construction team and us.  These will let us learn of the progress.  Nice!  And, these will let us give any feedback.

Day 9 Progress

Gravel spread on the floor and the French Drain pipes have been laid.  2017 continues to have exceptionally perfect weather – another two days of 70 degrees, clear skies, and sunshine.  With this weather, our new home should be ready in no time.  Hope this is not going to jinx it.

02.23.17 Toll Brothers New Construction Foundation
Day 9 – Foundation – basement floor gravel spread – french drain tubes along the edges