The Toll Brothers Design Studios

Toll Brothers has some two dozen Design Studios for home design scattered throughout the country that serve as the means to allow buyers to customize their homes with an endless supply of upgrades and options.  And, these surely serve as a tremendous profit center for Toll as well.  In our case, we were told there would be three appointments with the first two to choose selections and third as a sign-off.

There are three approaches for Home Design and Customization at the Design Studio.  First, a Toll Brothers buyer has the option to use the Design Center to pick colors and finishes from the somewhat limited selections of base choices built into the home price.  Secondly, the buyer could choose to ignore the base choices and customize everything ranging from flooring, plumbing fixtures to high-end kitchen appliances.  The third and probably most popular approach is a blend of the first two.

Home Design Studio Preparation

Depending on your approach to home design and customization, you may need little to no prep.  Or, you may need lots of prep to maximize the productivity of your Design Studio appointments, particularly the first one.

I am a planner and thinker.  Also, I have no design sense other than knowing that I’ll like this or I’ll like that.  Don’t provide me with an empty palette and ask me to fill it.  As a result, I need what others may consider being an excessive amount of time (agonizing) over Home Design decisions.

Some helpful prep steps:

  • The internet is full of websites to help with home design, google search is unlimited.
    • Personally, I like to use  Houzz allows you to create your own idea books.
    • I also use Pinterest as a really quick method to collect images from the internet.
  • Visit the Design Studio before your first appointment.  Repeat:  Visit the Design Studio before your first appointment.  Toll Brothers does not accept walk-ins during the week but weekend hours are open for browsing.
  • Hire or find a professional or friend with exceptional taste.

First pass, we’re thinking of all black cabinets for the island and the perimeter, uppers and lowers.

For the large island, we’re leaning towards using Alpine White granite.

Home Design - Alpine White Granite
Alpine White Granite

For the perimeter counters, we’re looking at London Grey quartz.

Home Design - London Grey Quartz
London Grey Quartz

We’re also planning to do hardwood floors throughout, a dark brown hickory with lots of “character”.

The combo is below.

Home Design - countertop & floor sample Combo
Island counter top (Alpine White granite), perimeter countertop (London Grey quartz). Black cabinets. Dark brown hickory floors.

Backsplash – a chiseled look for the rectangular stones – under consideration.

Backsplash with London Grey Quartz ??