The Official Start with Toll Brothers

We have place a refundable deposit on a Toll Brothers Regency at Upper Dublin lot.  That earns us a Yellow dot on the sitemap.

Toll Brothers Upper Dubllin Site Plan
Toll Brothers Upper Dubllin Site Plan

It’s taken quite some time.  Longer than we had wanted.  And much longer than we had expected.  We struggled choosing the perfect lot for us.  Perfection – such a lofty goal.

At first we wanted a southern backyard exposure.  We had our hopes set on the “ideal” lot.  But it was one of the first ones taken.  Long story short – no interest for us in a walkout basement.  Having the ability to walkout from the back of our house onto a patio or slightly elevated rather than a second floor porch ranked pretty important for us.  And, we thought we’d have little use for the walkout benefit of the basement since we don’t envision it serving as living space.

February, March, April, May, June.  We learned new lots opened up.  None of them, unfortunately had the southern backyard exposure.  A compromise – south east exposure – we told ourselves, that’ll work for us.  But, alas, none of these lots fit that bill since they were just rectangular little squares among many other little squares.

Playing with this awesome little tool on the internet (, I was able to project the sunrise and sunsets throughout the year.


Where did this lead us?  We chose a lot with a backyard eastern exposure on the outside of the neighborhood separated from a road with a large berm.

Deposit placed.  Hurray!  Excited and nervous.